Dr. Louise E. Wechsler, VMD

Personal Service

Housecalls Only

Cats, Dogs, Reptiles

Licensed in MA & RI

2010 Rhode Island Foundation Grant Winner

2011 Rhode Island Foundation Grant Winner for a new Portuguese Version

What kind of services are offered on a veterinary house call?

Basically, it is what would be called Primary Care in human medicine and anything that can be done on an out patient basis.

From the start, routine examinations and vaccinations are common. Next, blood work, the treatment of acute and other chronic diseases, such as common dermatological, gastrointestinal, and lameness are some of the typical problems that can be treated at home.

When it is determined that hospitalization and/or a referral to a specialist are necessary, I waste no time in doing so. The patient's welfare comes first.

Like most qualified house call veterinarians, I benefit from working with excellent specialists in my region.

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